About us - the history of Talbot Timbers

Alistair and Roslyn Hull and their family are Talbot Timbers and both have a long history in forest-related industries. Roslyn’s family worked in the dense and luxuriant forests of the Otway Ranges, as well as with the messmate, peppermint and swamp gums that characterise the Wombat Forest. The Hull family came to Talbot, the heart of Central Victoria’s Box and Ironbark forest, in the 1850s and progressed from cutting firewood through fencing products to leaf harvesting eucalyptus oil, before turning their attention in the late 1980s to producing high value-added timber products.

Recognising the intrinsic value of the Ironbark species, Talbot Timbers began in 1986, cutting timber for posts and firewood. As the business grew, along with the Hull’s commitment to doing more with less, adding value to the harvested timber they imported a F2000 Kara mill from Finland to process smaller logs and installed a Branco gas fired kiln to better control timber stability and quality.

In 2004 Talbot Timbers installed a large solar powered drying kiln which uses less energy to dry the timber. The solar powered kiln is just one example of our continuous quest for innovative harvesting and processing methods that will increase supply options for the Goldfields Timber Network and Talbot Timbers.

As architects and home owners rediscover the ‘secret’ of the rich and warm Victorian hardwoods, Talbot Timbers continues to grow and new markets at home and overseas are developing, particularly for our red and white Ironbark, Grey box and Sugar Gum timbers and their hallmark exceptional strength, durability, appearance and hardness.