This solar equipment demonstrates Talbot Timbers commitment to producing the most environmentally friendly building products available.


Solar Kiln

Our solar powered kiln is a simple arrangement. It consists of aluminium tubing rolled into hoops with clear plastic stretched over them, much like a hot house. The difference from a hot house is that it has black plastic on the inside to absorb the solar heat and the air between the sheets acts as insulation.  During the cooler months when solar is low we use a wood heater which is fuelled with mill offcuts to help boost the heat in the kiln.

Depending on the thickness of the timber drying in the kiln and the end use for it, the timber would stay in the kiln for 3 to 10 weeks to dry. This solar kiln eliminates the need to use fossil fuels to dry the timber.


Solar Electricity

Talbot Timbers has installed a 5KW grid connected solar power system.  This system produces enough power to run the fans in the solar kiln and also powers the office equipment, computer, fax/phone, printer, lighting etc.