There's nothing more natural than a forest floor


Welcome to Talbot Timbers

We are a member of the Victorian Goldfields Timber Network, and manufacture high quality timber products from regenerated native Australian hardwoods, particularly the premium dense Red and White Ironbark, Grey Box and plantation grown Sugar Gum.

Specialising in superbly coloured and durable flooring, parquetry, decking, cladding and furniture timber, Talbot Timbers adds value and quality at every stage of the production process from sawing, air drying to kiln drying.

Naturally grown forest timber needs no fertiliser and produces a vibrant regrowth forest that absorbs greenhouse gases and provides good fauna habitat. The timber produced needs less energy to process than cement or steel, while sustainable harvesting contributes funds, roads, equipment and people to fire management, forest research and development.

High strength, durable Australian hardwoods such as Red and White Ironbark, Grey Box and Sugar Gum don’t need preservatives to improve their durability; they have the highest white ant resistance rating White Ironbark)and don’t readily ignite with flying embers - essential in bushfire prone areas.

Proven performers that they are Ironbarks, Grey Box and Sugar Gum are the perfect choice for elegant and enduring, strong and reliable flooring ,decking and cladding that polishes to an inspirationally beautiful finish. They are the unsung species that equal or surpass any other local or exotic imported timber for beauty, strength and durability.