Talbot Timber Products


Talbot Timbers is a member of the Victorian Goldfields Timber Network, manufacturing high quality timber products from regenerated native Australian hardwoods, particularly the premium dense Red and White Ironbark, Grey Box and plantation grown Sugar Gum.

Specialising in superbly coloured and durable flooring, parquetry, decking, cladding and furniture timber, Talbot Timbers adds value and quality at every stage of the production process from sawing, air drying to kiln drying.

Our products include:

  • Flooring -
    80mm x 19mm secret nail, random lengths
    108mm x 19mm, plain end random lengths
    125mm x 19mm, plain end random lengths

  • Overlay Flooring -
    80mm x 14mm, secret nail, plain end random lengths

  • Parquetry -
    260mm x 65mm x 19mm
    260mm x 65mm x 14mm
    340mm x 85mm x 19mm
    340mm x 85mm x 14mm

  • Decking -
    65mm x 19mm subject to availability
    90mm x 19mm random lengths
    110mm x 19mm random lengths
    130mm x 19mm random lengths
    130mm x 25mm random lengths

  • Shiplap Cladding
    80mm x 19mm, random lengths
    108mm x 19mm, random lengths

  • Furniture timber

  • Large Square Posts

  • Staircase Material

  • Fence Droppers

  • Wurth Deck Screws
    Stainless Steel self-drill and countersink